MTHschools is a web-based school management system which helps parents easily follow up their children’s performance, participation and discipline at school. The system is very helpful to all its users...

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We Provide High Quality School Managment System

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We provide high quality service

Today's schools need to manage more information than ever before. Without a solid internal system for teachers, administrators and students to share data and other critical information. School and student information can be lost or worse they may be communicated incorrectly leading to problems that can affect your school's image and endurance.

To remain competitive, schools need a solution that can solve these kinds of problems easily and simplify the day to day operations of teachers and the school administrators. That is why Mthschools is here to simplify this problems by using the world wide web or the Internet making it one of its kind in our country Ethiopia

In addition, Schools can use Mthschools web based school management system to

  • Advertise Their school in the Internet
  • Computerize their daily activities
  • Store critical documents
  • Calculate every students accurate mark
  • Enable parents to see their Child's activity daily.

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The system best serves parents/guardians to follow up their children academic performance and behaviors. They can check their children’s assessment results online any time they like, and able to encourage or give further support to their children. Moreover, parents can easily access feedback from home room teachers and school administration regarding class attendance and behavior of their children; and able to communicate online with the home room teachers and school administrators.

So, Parents what are you waiting for recommend as to your school and get this amazing benefits and more

The system is a right hand to teachers which simplifies manual procedures such as: preparing roaster, recording and calculating students continuous assessment results out of hundred with a single click. The system has special importance for home room teachers to record continuous assessment results of students from all subjects, analyze average points and assign ranks to the students based on their average points.

This new technology automates your work and help you receive a quality data within seconds.So, teachers what are you waiting for recommend as to your schools and easy your work

Our Services

Our Services will keeps you happy

Full time guarantee

We give full time guarantee to the school system. If any problem occurs in the system we will take full responsibility and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Free Training/Supervision

We give free training on how Schools can use our system after setting up your system and we also give monthly supervisions. No extra payment needed.

Annual Updates

We will update the school system annually particularly those schools with fast-growing ability; Our system has the capacity to grow with them.

Video Tutorials

We have prepared a full video tutorial on how the system is used for school administrators, teachers and students

Add addition features to the system upon your request

If your school need additional features we will provide it to you upon your request with a reasonable annual fee.

Call Support

Our supervisors are always ready to answer your calls and help you on anyway possible about the system